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“ What do you want to do with your life ? ”A question you have asked your teen, but that is yet to be answered.Shop

Why Je mise sur moi ?

A tool that guides your teen in his academic and career guidance reflection, helps him define his aspirations and motivates him to go forward confident of his choices.

In a glimpse

One application. One journey. 4h of videos. 12h of situational and reflection activities. 16h of preparation towards the transition to higher education and/or the working world.

Promotes the desire to go further

Yesterday, they experienced the same reality as your teen. Today, they are forward-looking. 16 young professionals and entrepreneurs with successful track records share their thoughts on camera in order to accompany your teen in every step of his reflection.

Aligned to the ministerial requirements

A tool that surpasses the pedagogical intentions of the Academic and Career Guidance Contents established by the Ministry of Education of Québec for the 12 to 18 year olds.

"A tool that answers a true issue and that I recommend !”

- Véronique BouletDirector secondary 5, Collège Sainte-Anne

“ Making decisions that reflect who you are, that’s what Je mise sur moi is all about ! ”

- Nadia SlimaniDirector secondary 4, Collège Sainte-Anne

“ Very well executed, visually pleasing, intuitive, beautiful and coherent sequences. ”

- Jennifer GouveiaGuidance Counsellor

Shaping your future

Situational activities, introspections and content that engages creativity. These will help your teen identify his values, interests, aptitudes and aspirations. Learn about yourself in order to make decisions that reflect you and motivate you to pursue your education.

Committing today to succeed tomorrow

Nurtures his desire to undertake projects, to develop new skills and to validate his perceptions. Your teen will identify achievable objectives and develop action plans, the first steps in the journey to reach his full potential.

Making informed choices

Your teen will elaborate action plans to validate and distinguish reality from his perceptions and to follow through with his questions. A wide range of factors to be considered and propositions of outlined solutions will allow your teen to make informed decisions that are in harmony with him/her.

Guidance done differently

A virtual environment for personal and intellectual growth that speaks to your teen. A self-directed approach that considers all the key factors in the guidance process in 16 hours. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Surrounding yourself with positivity is key

Situational activities, scenarios to spark discussions and the identification of key individuals in the achievement of his objectives will enlighten him to the importance of adopting a healthy communication approach online and offline and to cultivate his network.

Initiating forward-looking discussions

Promotes constructive discussions with your teen, at his own pace, through the complementary cards. Useful to evoque new ways to reflect upon and to encourage him/her.